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:: Wednesday, December 19, 2001 ::

Wow...weird. This is my first...well, no, second webpage, but my first lastest a mere hour. I figure that if there's anything I have an opinion on, I'll just mosey on down here and post a controversial (or not) commentary on something redeeming...that, or vent about what's happened to me this day. Oh well. We'll see. Come back often, come back soon, and come back with an open mind. (Oh, right, and if it so happens that you see something on here that you really like, please please don't copy and paste, because that wouldn't be nice. Recognition for poetry, prose, social commentary, etc. should be given to the writer, so please email me at mdybcre@hotmail.com or, if you do know me, ask me to put something somewhere. Thanks.

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